Adventure Activities


Trekking is not only about scaling high passes, mountains or any other geographical adversity, but it offers you to explore the culture and heritage of the region. Leh and Ladakh offers several trekking trails which give a chance to marvel at the sky-touching Himalayas. Moreover, trekking in Ladakh will make you explore every nook and corner of the region. There are many routes to enjoy trekking in Ladakh is Nubra valley trek, Indus valley trek, Stok kangri trek, Markha valley trek and most famous trek in all of them is Chadar trek that you can opt for.  

River Rafting

Stream boating in Leh-Ladakh takes you through mesmerizing views. Crossing through the profound waters amid profound nature and taking off snow-shrouded tops it is an encounter each beam couldn’t imagine anything better than to appreciate. There are numerous choices for waterway boating in Leh Ladakh. The fundamental ones being Indus Stream boating and Zanskar Waterway rafting. River Boating in Indus Waterway and its tributaries give the rafters numerous chances. The most amazing stretches in Stream Indus is the one among Spituk and Nimu or Saspol.  

ATV Biking

Perfect for all thrill-seekers, Quad biking in Ladakh is one of the favorite adventure sports of the locals as well as tourists. Explore Ladakh on ATV on which you have to control the steering while you make your way through the crisscross roads.Ultimately, Ladakh gives you the pleasure of keeping your hectic busy working life at bay. Quad biking is an out of the world experience for all those who crave thrill and want to satiate their lust for all things wild and challenging. Driving is a passion for many people and to take to the next level you must try driving and controlling an ATV.